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Links, Organizations & Books

The Big Seance Podcast with Patrick Keller

Spirit Talk with Chris Fleming

Society For Psychical Research

BC Ghost and Hauntings Research Society

BC Ghost and Hauntings Research Society

Canadian Paranormal Foundation

Rhine Parapsychology Research Center

The Koestler Parapsychology Unit

The Royal Society

Higgy Pop Paranormal Hub News, Unexplained and Ghosts

Local Books of Interest

I Want To Believe: One Man's Journey Into The Paranormal - Peter Renn, Jason Hewlett

I Want To Believe: An Investigator's Archive - Peter Renn, Jason Hewlett

Dying Light: An Investigation Into Near Death Experiences - Peter Renn, Jason Hewlett

Victoria's Most Haunted - Ian Gibbs


Vancouver's Most Haunted - Ian Gibbs

Books That Have Us Thinking

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Brandon Massullo is a clinical therapist, author, and parapsychologist residing in Northeast Ohio. He has graduate degrees in clinical counseling from the University of Toledo and psychological research methods from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK. Brandon studied within the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh and his research centered on environmental sensitivity and ghostly encounters. Brandon has been fascinated by paranormal phenomena for 20 years and has been a participant and featured speaker in numerous paranormal forums and events, including Coast to Coast AM and the Parapsychological Association's 60th Anniversary Celebration. Brandon’s research has been published in academic journals including Frontiers of Psychology, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, and the Journal of the Society of Psychical Research. Please visit Brandon’s blog at or follow him on twitter or Facebook @HAUNTEDTHEORIES for more research into ghosts, apparitions, and all things paranormal.

Purchase Brandon's book here:

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