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Ray Boulay is a Canadian born Afterlife/Paranormal Investigator residing in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. 

After experiencing unexplained activity and sensations in his New Westminster home, Ray sought help from Northern Paranormal Investigations (NPI), to offer explanation to unsettling events within his abode. Shortly thereafter, Ray joined NPI to assist others with their own paranormal issues.


Several years on, Ray said goodbye to the amazing people of NPI and branched out and founded Helter Spectre Afterlife Investigations; a FREE paranormal afterlife investigations service/team set out to help make sense of the paranormal world and the living within it.

Ray regards himself as a thoughtful, pragmatic, ethical and open minded investigator open to new ideas, theories and hypotheses while not being bogged down by the trope conventions popular paranormal pop culture often presents. Or as he calls it;



He strives to be well read concerning the, Afterlife. There is never a book not in his hand related to the subject or its fringe ideas and has earned an Introduction to Parapsychology Diploma from the Center of Excellence.

Outside of afterlife investigation, Ray works in film/TV as a Lead Set Dresser. Funnily, he is a Nancy Drew Season 4 crew member which seems weirdly appropriate...

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