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No Judgement. It’s Your Voice

Helter Spectre Afterlife Investigations understands that your experiences maybe difficult to discuss with family and friends.  You may struggle to express unusual situations to others.  Feeling alone can be common but know that you are not alone.  It is important for you to understand that Helter Spectre A-I is non-judgemental and open to listening to your potential paranormal experiences from an impartial, caring, and objective point of view.  We will always take heed of your concerns.


A Collaborative Effort

This is a collaborative effort between you and Helter Spectre A-I.  Together we will work as a team to try and explain your potential paranormal situation.  A unified front is the strongest stance in times of uncertainty.  Knowing that we are mutually joined by the same cause is important.  Let’s work together to find the explanation(s).


Power Shift

You are in control.  While Helter Spectre A-I understands that we have been invited into your home/business/space to make sense of your potential paranormal situation, it’s You who has power.  As the Client, you choose to say, “I don’t want to go any further”. From preliminary interviews to full investigations, it's your right to say “Stop” at any time.  We are there at your invitation for our knowledge and experiences.  We will make every attempt to empower you with the best, and most relevant, sound advice available.   Ultimately, it’s YOU who calls the shots.  And, respectively, Helter Spectre A-I reserves the right to assess any situation that is deemed not comfortable for our team.


Helter Spectre Afterlife Investigations Will:


  • Always be honest

  • Never fabricate evidence

  • Speak to the facts at hand

  • Offer an objective point of view

  • Research your situation to the best of our abilities

  • Give an honest and robust assessment of your situation based on our own knowledge and experiences

  • Reserve the right to remove ourselves if the situation is not within our wheelhouse of knowledge. These are, including but not limited to: Psychological, Sociological, Psychiatric, Neurological or potentially (perhaps) "Demonic". (That is a heavy call to make and NOT made lightly. Occurrences are very rare. Assessments will be made)

  • Never embellish to bolster your ego or ours

  • Never, ever charge for services


Free of Charge

An integral part of Helter Spectre A-I 's core value is to never charge for investigative services. Ever.  Helter Spectre A-I will assess, investigate & inform with experience, integrity, and respect - all without a fee.  That is our firm stance always and forever.


Paranormal Research and Expertise

No one is an “expert”.  This is Helter Spectre A-I's  point of view.  In the field of paranormal research no one should make such a claim.  Sadly, the field of afterlife research is considered a pseudo-science not recognized by mainstream science.  However, this field of research is not without its incredible and awesomeful merits.  There exists very strong evidence to indicate something else is going on out there.  Sadly, this emerging science faces an uphill battle.  However, the more compelling the evidence brought forward, the less "fringe" afterlife investigation will be.


Our Goal

To leave each client better than when we arrived.  The drive for evidence should never supersede 

 the needs of the client. Helter Spectre will strive to achieve client satisfaction or direction for resolution. 


Helter Spectre A-I,  would love to hear from you. When you’re ready and comfortable, please reach out and ask how we can assist.

Most sincerely, 


Ray Boulay

Founder, Helter Spectre Afterlife Investigations

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